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Company Brief

“Gudukas” UAB grounded in 1995 is a company supplying the Lithuanian and European markets with vineyard’s snails and their products in a large variety. Work quality of the company is proved not only by the abundance of clients and partners in various countries, but also the veterinary number confirmed by the European Community.

Main Facts:

  • Basic field of activity is vineyard’s snails
  • Up to 800 tons of live snails are processed each year
  • We process up to 180 tons of snail flesh and 100 tons of snail shells
  • Guarantee of work quality – HACCP
  • Geography of our partners and clients – Latvia, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Greece, France
  • European number – LT 01-09 EB

Arimų 35
LT - 11114 Vilnius
Tel. +370 5 2606763
Fax +370 5 2606764